Our Services

Personalized Gifts - A cut above the rest

Rest assured you have chosen a company that wants to deliver a product above and beyond your expectations. Whether you have selected an item from my collection of finished products or placed an order for something uniquely designed according to your own personal specifications, we will do our best to make it special.

Online Laser and Engraving

Fancy designing something yourself and sending it to us to laser for you. Why not visit our Online Cutting and Engraving page to learn more about our services. 

Laser Classes and Training

Do you have your own laser and would like to learn more about CorelDraw (the best program for laser designers)?  We offer one-on-one, online and group training on how to get the best out of your laser. Contact us directly for more information. 

Wooden Board Care 

If you would like to know more about our boards and how to care for them go to our Wooden Board Care page.