Sharing the Journey - Pie Dish


Laser Artist - Canada

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This started with one of our friends last year. We gave her a dish, engraved with our poem, full of delicious food for her and her family. My husband had cooked some tasty organic food so that when she got back from her treatment that day, she had something nice to eat. She then repeated the process and shared the dish again, fully loaded to her friend who was also going through hard times.

Nobody owns this dish, it is a dish that is meant to be shared, full of food that is made with love.

Please continue sharing the love. We would love to hear and follow it's journey through our Facebook site.

"This dish shall have no owner,
for it's journey NEVER ends
It travels in a circle

It carries LOVE from home to home
For everyone to share, 
The food that's placed within it
was made with LOVE and care.

So please ENJOY what's on the plate
Then fill it up again, 
then pass along the love it holds
to all your FAMILY & FRIENDS!"