Honey Dippers - Modern


Laser Artist - Canada

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These custom made and designed honey dippers are 8 inches long and 1 inch wide, perfect for dipping to the bottom of the jar. Why not personalize your own honey dipper for a sweet gift. Great for drizzling/dipper/stir/server honey, maple syrup, wedding & party favors, and more. Choose one of our many sayings to have engraved on your spoon. 

Here are a few ideas for you. 

  • (engraved flying bee)
  • (engraved heart or hearts)
  • Love You Honey (engraved heart)
  • Morning Honey! (engraved bee)
  • I love you honey! (engraved heart)
  • Love you (engraved heart) dad!
  • Love you (engraved heart) mom!
  • a spoon fill of (engraved heart) love
  • Sweetest mom ever! (engraved flying bee)
  • Sweetest dad ever! (engraved flying bee)
  • You’re sweet as honey (engraved flying bee)
  • Best grandma ever! (engraved heart)
  • (engraved balloon) let it go!
  • (engraved bee) KIND
  • (engraved flying bee) grateful and thankful
  • (engraved flying bee) HAPPY
  • (engraved heart) Yum!
  • a spoon full of (engrave heart) love
  • Always sparkle(engraved stars)
  • Bee Thankful (engraved bee)
  • Bee Happy (engraved bee)
  • Bee Humble (engraved bee)
  • Best mom ever (Engraved heart)
  • bless your heart (engraved heart)
  • Faith Hope Love
  • Follow your (engraved heart) it knows the way
  • Forever and always (engraved heart)
  • Good Morning Beautiful (engraved heart)
  • good morning gorgeous! (engraved heart)
  • good morning honey (flying bee)
  • Happily EVER After (engraved heart)
  • Hey (engraved heart) Sweetness (engraved flying bee)
  • Hey sweet thing (engraved flying bee)
  • Honey, I love you (engraved bee)
  • I L(heart)ve you
  • I love you honey (engraved flying bee)
  • I love you (engraved heart) language is French
  • I love you (engraved heart) language is Italian
  • I love you (engraved heart) language is Portuguese
  • I love you (engraved heart) language is Swedish
  • Love is sweet (engraved rose)
  • Love you dad! (engraved heart)
  • love you mom! (engraved heart)
  • Make a wish (engraved stars)
  • make (engraved star) today awesome
  • M’M’M’M’ Good (engraved heart)
  • Morning Honey! (engraved bee)
  • must. have. coffee.
  • oh Baby (engraved heart)
  • Oh Honey (engraved flying bee)
  • Peace Love Happiness
  • Sweet! (engraved bee)
  • Sweetest mom ever! (engraved bee)
  • Take a deep breath and let it go!
  • think happy thoughts
  • Wish upon a star (engraved stars)
  • World’s Sweetest Grandpa (engraved flying bee)
  • XOXO
  • You are Awesome (engraved heart)
  • You make life sweet (engraved heart)
  • You’re amazing (engraved stars)
  • You're sweet as honey (engraved flying bee)

Looking for a custom design? We're happy to help!

♥ Wood: Maple, Cherry or Walnut

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